July 14, 2015


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Working With a Difficult Defense Team

During the course of my lawsuit, I became ill with cancer. Ed kept me informed and helped me make decisions that made sense to me and definitely reflected my desires. He worked diligently to ensure that the outcome was positive without adding to the stress I was experiencing health-wise. At the beginning of the case, I discussed with him the outcome I considered fair and he moved in that direction, fighting valiantly to achieve that goal. He did not bother me with minor details but made informed decisions that moved the case forward. He was able to work with a very difficult defensive team never losing sight of our goal despite the defense’s unwillingness to even negotiate. A lawsuit is never without stress or upset and Ed did an amazing job of protecting my interests, moving the case to a positive outcome and protecting me. I highly recommend him!
Anonymous Client

Gets Results

This guy is amazing.

I’ve worked with a few attorneys before, and the two things I always look at are (1) service and (2) results. Worst case scenario is to get neither. Most often you’ll get at least one of the two, and you just live with that. But Ed knocked it out of the park on both ends.

After meeting with him, all I needed to do was give him the evidence I had (as messy as I’d kept it, papers all over the place), show up for my deposition, and take a few short phone calls here and there. The next thing I knew, he’d helped me obtain a great settlement – certainly more than I’d expected.

Anyway, I don’t see how you can go wrong with Ed. Great guy too – bought me lunch during my deposition when I realized I’d left my wallet in my car.


Veteran Harassed and Terminated

I am a Military Veteran, who went out on medical leave from a devastating injury I sustained while serving in the Army. Having endured many years of being bullied, and harassed by my civilian employers, my job was terminated, while I was recuperating from surgery. I contacted various lawyers seeking advice on what I could do regarding my termination. Simply put I was told, ‘To just move on, my case was hopeless.’ Weidmann & Yun did not see it as such and took my case on with no upfront fees. Edward Yun helped me stay realistic and focused on key points in my case. Edward Yun and his team worked diligently and relentlessly, while going up against a major corporation and their many attorneys. The outcome after a few short months Weidmann & Yun won a very, very large settlement on my behalf. If you are the underdog at work being harassed, bullied, abused, or your rights are not being upheld by your employer, this is the attorney and firm you want to hire. I highly recommend their services.
Wrongful Termination Client


I interviewed a lot of lawyers and picked Edward Yun to represent me for my wrongful termination. I picked him because from the beginning he seemed to really care about me. I worked for a major corporation for 10 years who terminated me because I refused to be picked on. From the beginning to the end he has always looked out for my well-being and if I was not only satisfied but happy with my results. I have never worked with a lawyer who went above and beyond, even after the case settled he called to see if we had any questions. He won me more money than I thought I could win and believed in me.
An Employment Client

Great Outcome

I do not have any complaints, they took my case when no no one else would and handled it more professionally than any attorneys I’ve had in the past.

Rate was high, but if you believe you get what you pay for then you should be pleased, I was with no complaints. Ed was even concerned if I was satisfied and was willing to take the case all the way if necessary.

Wrongful Termination Client